Free Office Fitout Information

You know what is great? FREE stuff. Nothing is better than receiving free advice from someone who has been there and done that. Office Fitouts are no different, a great percentage of us all come across it but rarely have to deal with it.
In the next few sections, Racoe will advise you on how to make your next fitout as painless as you want it to be, whether it be something you are looking at tackling yourself or just the project management side of things. It is also a useful “to do” list if you are approaching a company that specialises in Office Fitouts in Perth to do your next fitout.

First step. BUDGET.

You need a budget, there is no hiding it. Most people are hesitant to release the amount you have in the bank to spend on the project due to the fact that they think the company will take them for a ride. The fact is if you are using two companies to quote your new office renovations or fitouts, and they KNOW you are then they have to be honest in their quote otherwise they will lose the job straight away to opposition.
Have a chat to interior designers and other people in the game before you set out to doing the fitout just to get a feel of how much these things cost. The biggest mistake is thinking that you can get away with doing a fitout in a premise around 180 square meters for 15 people, for around 10 grand. No chance. A good guide for bums on seats is to allow around 1200 dollars per person. That gets you a couple of screens, a desk, a mobile pedestal, some power and DATA maybe a chair depending on how classy a fabric you choose.

Second step. PLANS.

You need some sort of an idea, or a plan to go ahead with pricing and general space planning. If you are up for saving some coin, grab some graph paper and plot out your office floor using the squares as a square, i.e. 1 square = 1 lineal meter, this way you get a realistic space plan to see if you have the room to do what you have to do.
Nothing is worse than sending a faded plan to a fitout company drawn in highlighter with little or no information as to what you require and expect a quote back in a day. It may sound funny but 30 percent of clients operate this way!
Clear plans equals clear direction. Easy and fast quotes with no confusion.

Third step. TIMELINES.

You need a timeline or critical path to get your project done. It enables you to work to a deadline rather than just doing it when you have a free moment. It’s the same as having dishes to do at home; you don’t have a deadline to get them done so they just sit there! In the case of the project just sitting there, it’s costing money.
Use this timeline to organise the other trades involved in the fitout process. When they see the bar graph of when they are meant to be on site, it eliminates the stand over management of your trades. The beauty about a simple bar graph is that you can see “overlapping” trades and correct the dates they are to show up ahead of time rather than on the day.

Stay tuned for PART TWO: Which trade first? And in what order?