Office Re-Tenancy

Office Partition and Stud Wall Removal

It’s a fact, office installations need to be removed. Parts┬ámay need to be taken down and or moved to another premise. Racoe can make this process extremley painless for your company with its Re-tenancy division.

Racoe is teamed up with a Registered Builder who can oversee all structual works needed to be carried out in your office. We work closely with an internal wall demolition company with all the correct clearance cards and safety courses needed to carry your next demolition out in complete safety.

The fact is, Racoe is in with carpet guys, demolition guys, electricians and plumbers. Racoe will hand out the leads to these guys, not for a monetary return, but a wholesale rate to you; meaning we get the work because we are cheaper than everybody else who has submitted project managed quotes. All that we really care that we get is the partition and workstation work, and of course you get the best price available.