Tambour Units Perth

Tambour Units are fantastic space saving options for any workplace. Especially suitable for smaller offices where storage space can often be an issue, Tambour Units are suitable to fit anywhere from under desks, to below windows and along walkways,

Tambour Units are not traditional office cupboards with large swinging doors. Tambour Units have sliding doors which disappear into internal compartments as they are opened, maintain workspace flexibility and maintaining the same amount of storage space as a traditional cupboard. Slimline and unobtrusive, Tambour Units provide maximum storage space for your office with minimal footprint.

Racoe specialises in all your office needs and Tambour Units are no exception. Racoe provides a range of size, colour and shelving options, all customised to match your office fitout perfectly. Give Racoe a call today for an in-depth chat about Tambour Units are how they can enhance your office environment.