Why Choose Our Partitions?

Why choose our quick lock partitions for your next office fitout? It’s simple, take the best quality materials sourced right here in WA, use skilled tradesman and local labour to assemble them and install them at your workplace or office and a price tag that will rival even stud and Gyprock walls!

For all the guys that enjoy the mechanics of how a product is made, we’ll give you a bit of a run down on our partition system that has been used in office fitouts in Perth as well as over in the Eastern States of Australia.

Being 76mm Wide, it is one of the widest screen systems on the market. Screen systems can go down to 19mm thick and up to 80mm. With the system being this thickness, it opens up the door for a range of options to be integrated with the system such as all of your power and data requirements, and the room to fit extra insulation material for those rooms that need major sound proofing.

The way our unique system has been designed is that there is only one extrusion that covers absolutely every configuration. This means for a half glass half fabric full height panel all the horizontal and vertical components are the same extrusion. This same extrusion also does our low height partitions screens for workstations. Most companies will use a different extrusion or pressing for horizontal and vertical components as well as different ones for full and low height screens, and at around 3 thousand dollars a pop for the extrusion, you can see why the prices are higher, just to pay for the initial Die’s for the aluminum extrusion.

Our Main frame section (the backbone of the system) derives of 3 channels, two of which on the outside hold our upholstered boards and your choice of textiles, and a channel in the middle of the extrusion which in the scenario of the board, will house a compressed fiber insulation batt, designed and made for only Racoe, to help with the insulating needs of the majority of Racoe’s client base. If you are after a full height glass look, this is where just the middle pocket is used; we use a glazing rubber to encase safety glass to produce a clip together fully removable glass panel.

Most companies have queried our prices and why they are so cheap compared to other office partition companies and the above states the EXACT explanation. Most office fitouts require the low height workstations screens as well as full height partitions to divide up one major space into offices. It is always nice to keep fluidity in the office and have the same exact looking partitions and workstation screens which is where using a single extrusion is ultimately King. Our office partitions are the perfect choice for your next office fitout.